Mastering the Obvious

Breaking news at CNN: People can hold collaborate online using Wiki’s, Weblogs, and RSS! Am I the last holdout in refusing to adopt the word “blog”? I keep waiting for it to fade back out of existence, and I fear I missed the transition point where everyone gave up and decided to go along with it. Weblog is descriptive; blog means nothing, sounds unattractive, and smacks, to me, of an attempt to brand what is a generic communication medium. You don’t see journalers running around saying “I jaled our conversation in my jal this morning.”


I’m back, and you may now call me Dr. Screenshot, if you like. Or Professor Screenshot. Your choice!

No time to be online….

Many exciting real-world beginnings and endings going on here, leading to next to no online-world time for me, but in a good way. Thank goodness it’s summer with the longer days and wonderful sunshine. There really is nothing quite like a summer day in upstate New York. Hopefully I’ve hit a bit of a lull for the next few weeks. I’ve been neglecting all of my web projects horribly over the past months. It’s good to be back!

Spring Cleaning

A little bit of spring cleaning has been going on. First, I finally registered a URL for my index of free crochet patterns; you can find Chained Links now at the highly mnemonic A nice side effect was that it made it trivially easy for me to plug in Google search over the index pages. I also trimmed out the dead links, updated my backlog of new links, and it’s now cataloging over 2000 patterns. On the less upbeat side, I’ve been tracking the number of spam messages I get on the e-mail account associated with this page … Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Bunkering In

Wheeee – a new year, and it’s going to be a busy and exciting one. And the holidays brought me a new digital camera, so new photos will be showing up here again — I’m planning on restarting Photo Friday. I also got some good books, including Kilbourne’s semi-recent Can’t Buy My Love: How Advertising Changes the Way We Think and Feel, which was very good, and I would recommend it even if you’ve already heard her speak or seen her film. With the frigid temperatures up here (high of 0 – woooooo!), I’ll probably be spending most of the … Continue reading Bunkering In

Highbrow Weblogs

Well, it’s good to see that someone’s working to give weblogs stature and intellectual respectability. Clearly, what the weblog community was missing was bloggers from Ivy League schools. Yup.

Hosting Move

If you’re reading this, I’ve successfully switched my web host service and updated my DNS listing. Of course, I would make the switch right during a blackout period for changing .org listings… Let me know if you see any problems.

Shorter Entries

It has become very clear that I cannot afford to devote significant writing time to this website over the coming months. Thus, a slight redesign to put less pressure on having “enough” content to warrant an entry. Yes, it’s also a bit messier, but hopefully in a cozy, home-like manner. Or something like that….

Catching Up Post-Vacation

It’s been a working-vacation here, with traveling and writing and keeping up on the fight against graduate student unionization and many other stresses. For those who know why I was out of town – things have gone great. As an upshot, I actually spent two entire weeks without doing a spot of websurfing and I didn’t even miss it. This is doing great things for my productivity. And over a week of 7AM mornings has totally reset my sleep schedule. I’ve come back a whole new me. Unfortunately for you, it’s a me that wants to get work done, but … Continue reading Catching Up Post-Vacation

Weblog Anniversary

I missed the actual anniversary, but Screenshot is now four years old, my first entry having been July 24, 1998. On the list of “one of these days” projects is to go through my archives and post at least a selection of my old pre-site relocation entries. My weblogging style has certainly changed over the years – something I think reflects both an evolution of my purposes in weblogging, and changes in myself and my “real life”. To give you a taste, I dredged up my first Screenshot entry, with odd grey background and lack of awareness of other weblogs … Continue reading Weblog Anniversary