Creepy Plastic King

I’ve been being entertained by the new-to-me Yirmumah! comic; this past week or so, the comic has involved fast food mascots, starting with the creepy, creepy Burger King king. A month or so back in the archives there was a long stretch of Star Wars themed comics as well, if you’re a big geek into that type of thing. I loved the Save Greedo one :)

Going to Kenya!

I’ve been walking around with the song from the Kenya animation in my head all day, doing the lion dance while nobody is watching (I hope!), because it is funny and painfully catchy, and it’s the last day of classes here, and it’s finally sunny and warm. You must go check it out – it’s at the same place as the “Badger, badger, badger” thing that was going around, but this is much better. [via Bitch. Ph.D.] Addenedum: The link above hasn’t been loading recently, so I found this alternate site with the Kenya animation.

Moooooo? Woof!

In looking for illustrations of busisness sites which do not represent eCommerce, in that no goods are being bought or sold, but which might still be considered commercial, I discovered that there are at least three rival pro-milk websites: and both employ the “Got Milk?” motif, though the former seems to target a younger audience and the later relies on a non-animated athletics theme, and seems to follow an educational theme, offering a “dynamic adventure into the dairy industry”. If that isn’t enough nutritional fun for you, check out the food allergy apparel at Allergators. You can … Continue reading Moooooo? Woof!

Internet Poetry

A little bit like communal fridge poetry, Just Letters allows up to fifty users at a time drag colorful “magentic” letters around the screen. With the tagline, “Someone keeps stealing my letters…”, there is a tension between writing out your message and having others take the letters you need to do so. It’s the type of thing that is fun until you realize that even one or two immature people can ruin everyone’s fun. The profanity is predictable, “I like ur moms” is dumb, but the people who band together to drag all of the letters into one pile so … Continue reading Internet Poetry

Be Homer

I don’t know why there is a Java toy that lets you control a nuclear power plant simulation, and the instructions on how to use the controls are limited, but after some practice, I was able to consistently keep the place from melting down.

Alien Fun

Heh – What Should I Do If The Internet Goes Down?, a ten step helpful handbook. Also fun is this flash game where you attack aliens by blowing up jeeps at them. [via #!/usr/bin/girl]

Best Elements

I always forget that Book of Ratings continues to update, which is great, because then I remember and I go back there and have a ton of entries to read. Which is particularly good when there is a three part rating of elements. Aluminum Science has delved into the very nucleus of this element, alloyed it and amalgamated it, but nonetheless is still unable to determine why aluminum is able to block all known forms of alien and governmental mind-controlling rays. Certainly it’s a frustration to the CIA and the R’ylegh’ni, but I think it’s a testimony to the resourcefulness … Continue reading Best Elements

Worst Hockey Logos

Hee hee – it’s the Worst Hockey Logos Ever!, topped off with the “Bakersfield Fog”. You know, fog might not seem like such an impressive foe, but the local outdoor hockey rink has been coated in a thick layer of fog the past few weeks, what with the unseasonably warm, wet weather, and an inability to see the puck or other players approaching does put an interesting twist on the game. Be sure to click through to the last page to check out the Toledo Blades’ “goalie being brained by a puck” logo…. [via Anita’s LOL]


Speaking of computer games – I do enjoy the “on-line and free” variety, and recently I’ve been playing’s recent offering: Crash. Navigate cars and trucks through increasingly congested intersections without letting them crash into each other. But, since smashing hapless vehicles into each other is actually the appealing part of the game, when you get a black car with a sckull on the hood, smash it into someone for bonus points! I love those little black cars….

Herding Cats and Dealing Drugs

Even up north, it’s a windy, rainy, stay-inside day. If you’re warm and with power, have some nice mindless fun trying out the new cat herding game Cats over at Orisinal. [via PCJM] I also finally tried out the much cited Virtual Drug Dealer, which is the type of game therapists should use to diagnosis your personality. Are you the type who buys a little of everything? Or blows it all on one unit of DesignerZ when the price dips low and hopes to make a fortune on a one-time deal? Frankly, if it weren’t for the fact that Use … Continue reading Herding Cats and Dealing Drugs