Graphical Humor

I’m loving the little Venn diagram humor sketched on index cards and posted over at Indexed. While it isn’t really a Venn diagram, I’m a big fan of the entry specifying the conjunctions of the various deadly sins into more complex flaws. You should definitely browse the whole site, though! [via Boing Boing]

Gravity Games

Two fun gravity games just came my way… Via Clicked there is Cosmic Crush, in which you are a little planet wandering the universe, eating smaller bodies to grow up into a big planet. It’s fun once you get into it, but a bit dull to start. Less boring, but a little more frustrating, is Spaced Penguin! [via T] in which you shoot a penguin towards its spaceship in the presence of various gravitational bodies and other less astronomically accurate phenomenon. Spaced Penguin has been around for a while, but I haven’t seen its new cousin, Doom Funnel Chasers! before … Continue reading Gravity Games

A Very Geeky New Years to You

The year rolls to an end tonight, and most of the people I’ve talked to have very little exciting planned for this evening. So, whether you are looking for something to distract yourself while waiting to see how badly they manage to mis-time the ball drop or are looking ahead for distractions for tomorrow after festivities tonight, here are some fun things I’ve come across in the past day or two: A total ad campaign, but Viking Movies challenges you to identify twenty movie titles based on scenes recreated using office supplies. I’m up to having 15 of the 20 … Continue reading A Very Geeky New Years to You

Almost as reliable as wikipedia….

Via J, I’ve been wasting a lot of time browsing the Uncyclopedia – a communal wiki based encyclopedia dedicated to misinformation. I was originally pointed to the list of weapons that don’t exist, but should (Radioactive Zombie Badger Launcher! Ninja-in-a-box!) and the accompanying list of weapons that exist, but shouldn’t (Kool-Aid Man! Blue Screen of Death! Incredibly Hot Anime Girls!) and list of weapons that don’t exist, and shouldn’t (Automated Crotch Kicker! Punxsutawney Phil Stuffed With Dynamite!) But other favorites include How to Smell a Bit Like Fish, Blame Transfer Protocol, and proofs that if it’s on the internet it … Continue reading Almost as reliable as wikipedia….

Christmas Countdown

Every year Matt over at X-Entertainment puts together a Advent Calendar based on the Playmobile toy advent calendar, plus he promises to post goodies in his weblog each day. If you haven’t seen this before, you may want to read the History of X-E’s Advent Calendar first, as this year’s story picks up with the same running cast of characters. If you have read along in the past, Knacks has a MySpace page!

More Weekend Fun

Wish you could type faster? There are tons of these typing games out there, but Word Shoot: Spell Fast or Die! is actually really well done [via Clicked]. As the game gets more difficult you can’t succeed if you have to look at your hands, and unlike most of these games there is actually a liittle bit of strategy. Plus, the graphics are cute.

Difficulty signed accumulated midnight

Another internet list, but a pretty fun one at that: The 50 Worst Video Game Names Of All Time. The list is pretty good, made, of course, by the humor of the commentary attached to each entry. And the provision of the link to this awesome random word generator to make your own awful titles. The student game I’ve been playing recently that’s name refers to non-Euclidean geometry would probably fall around number 27, right after “Ninja Hamster”.

Not another sweater

For T, some Friday fun, because he’s never seen it, and because I made a promise: How To Dance Properly, the silly videos that eventually led to the show with zefrank. Read the blurbs under the video – they make it funnier. Bonus dance video: Evolution of Dance

Grade A Milk

You’re Amazon. You decide to branch into the on-line grocery sales business. It’s still an Amazon store, so you show a photo, list product features, and, sure, you allow product reviews. And then, inevitably, people review your milk [via Boing Boing]. And your bananas. And your cucumbers. By the way, don’t ever have dinner over at Amazon – they think that baked “scooped out [cucumbers] halves with buttered break crumbs, top with parmesan cheese makes a great side dish”.