Myself, I went with the LEGO calendar

Ringing in 2014 by shopping for a new office wall calendar, I’m happy to be able to bring you the weirdest wall calendars available right now on Amazon – free shipping for Prime members, so you know you want one of these! I Could Pee on This 2014 Wall Calendar: So many cats, reminding you that they have a whole year’s worth of peeing on your belongings ahead of them. Food Landscapes 2014 Wall Calendar: A Year of Scrumptious Scenes: Sure you could have a calendar of beautiful landscapes, but a calendar of beautiful landscapes reimagined through food is so … Continue reading Myself, I went with the LEGO calendar

Amazing Stickman

Draw a Stickman is just delightful. Go to that page, select Episode 1, and I defy you not to say “Oh cool!” within 20 seconds. It is entirely charming. What else could you want on a Monday afternoon :)

Bears vs. Robots

Shockingly, polar bears can tell the difference between icebergs and robots disguised as icebergs. Also shockingly, when faced with a strange whirring “iceberg” driving towards it, polar bears do very destructive things to robots. The video is well worth watching at the least for the fleeing robot that deploys a decoy in order to make its getaway.

Up is Down. Down is Up.

I’ve been playing a lot of games recently (but for work!) and I’m trying to be attentive to what makes me remember a game. Being a Tetris fan got me to check out First-Person Tetris, but I expected to find it gimmicky – when you rotate, the screen rotates around the piece instead of the other way around. But it ended up being a nice variation on the original that adds a small bit of extra complexity to a familiar game. It adds a single thing that complements the game play nicely, and executes it well. Unfortunately, after a few … Continue reading Up is Down. Down is Up.

Fashion PSA

While I am willing to concede that in general, I should never, ever attempt to give fashion advice, I am still comfortable saying that nobody needs eyes painted on the back of their jeans so that their ass winks as they walk. Don’t just watch the first few seconds and stop the video – make sure you skip forward until you see the action/cut boards and the ducks at least. Based on the notes in the Consumerist article via which I found this, the eyes apparently only work if your pants are sufficiently snug. I’m surprised they stayed classy enough … Continue reading Fashion PSA

More Flying Pirate Squirrels

After a several week downtime, the real-time furry flying combat and trading game Skyrates is back up. I posted about it when I first started playing over the summer, and I’ve been playing regularly ever since. This is a great time to try it out because in addition to making a bunch of improvements, they reset the game to put all of the players back at the same initial starting point as of noon yesterday. Just be warned that it’s in beta, so particularly in the first few days you might come across some bugs.

I’d look it up but my hands are covered in stuffing…

I love this, though I suspect that I am more likely to have this used against me than to use it myself: Let me google that for you. The best way to understand what the site does is probably to check out what happens if you follow a link provided by the site that you can send to a friend who has asked for information…. Here’s that info you were looking for! It’s pretty mean and snarky, but it also cracks me up.


Everybody knows that Minesweeper is addictive, but I don’t know how it took so long for somebody to create multiplayer Minesweeper. It’s a standard online Flash game with rooms to play in a chat windows alongside your standard Minesweeper grid. It works exactly as you would think – you and a handful of other players work to clear the grid. The interface is pretty nice – you can see the shadow of other players’ pointers so you can avoid clearing the same cells. If you click a bomb, you are given a penalty – a timeout during which you cannot … Continue reading Boom!

I make an amazing flying squirrel

I do not remember where I first read about Skyrates, but I am totally obsessed with this game right now. It is essentially a steampunk version of Escape Velocity – you captain an airplane and fly from “island” to “island” trading goods and completing missions and shooting down pirates. You can upgrade your ship or buy entirely new ones. As you gain skill points, you can learn new flying maneuvers or open up access to more of the map. The good thing is, this that obsession does not turn into an excessive amount of playing time, because the game is … Continue reading I make an amazing flying squirrel