Automated Grading

It’s just a short little blurb, but report is that starting this year the MCATs are going to be graded automatically using an artificial intelligence system, rather than human graders. The MCAT, like the GRE, moved to a computerized format recently to allow more frequent administration. The essay section, though, was graded in much the same way with multiple readers scoring the writing samples and a degree of consensus being required for the final score. The claim is that the AI system is more consistent than human scorers. I’ve certainly read that human scoring can vary widely. The AI system, … Continue reading Automated Grading

Are you a robot?

I’ve got robots on the brain this month, so this link via J (who got it from Digg I think) is apropos – old advertisements with robots in them. I actually think that the first one on the page is my favorite; it strikes me as ironic….

Sweet, Delicious Data

OMG! Google has announced that not only have they been collecting n-gram data from a training corpus they have built from on-line sources of a trillion works, but they’re goiing to make the n-gram data available via the UPenn Linguistic Data Consortium in the near future. I don’t even have a need for this data at the moment, but I’m drooling over the idea. I’m sure there’s some way I can make use of this in my current project…… [via Language Log]

Didn’t they do this scene in Real Genius?

In one of the more bizarre news articles I’ve seen about robotics lately, a professor’s project to substitute an andriod version of himself in his lectures doesn’t actually seem to be very positive about the project.[via AI in the News] From the start, the andriod is labeled as looking “creepily like him”. Looking at the technology behind the article, there’s no intelligence in the system, as the operator wears motion-capture gear and the android reproduces those behaviors. The professor claims he just wanted to eliminate his commute – I would have thought some good videoconferencing equipment would be easier and … Continue reading Didn’t they do this scene in Real Genius?

Attributing Authorship Review

Over the past few years I have entirely neglected the book review section of this site, and the truth is that I have hardly had time to read in the past year until a couple of weeks ago, but I’m going to make an effort to revive the site, beginning with a lengthy Attributing Authorship by Harold Love, reproduced below for your convenience.

Robot Safety and Ethics

Perhaps most surprising to me is that the latest discussion I’ve come across about ethical concerns with introducing robots into non-industrial settings is from someplace as mainstream as the Economist, but it’s actually a nice summary of upcoming concerns [via Slashdot]. The article indicates that there have been many (in the 100s?) industrial robot accidents in the past 25 years, but the concern discussed at a recent European Robotics Symposium is what happens when robots move out of the industrial setting and interact with the general population. Major questions the aticle pulls out include: Should robots that are strong enough … Continue reading Robot Safety and Ethics

Weird Robot Videos

For my students in my AI class, who had the honor of being my last exam of the spring semester, I link to the Top 10 Strangest Robots, with video! RunBot might be my favorite because he is so cute, but the OmniZero robot boxing video is probably the “must see” of the bunch and Robonova is impressive too.

Happy Birthday AI

What did you do with your holiday break? Did you invent a new field of computer science? If not, you weren’t as productive as Newell and Simon were during their break fifty years ago. This is a nice story about their early work towards a program that could be considered “artificial intelligence”.

Intelligent Design bad for CS too

It’s not often that I turn on the television to see breaking news banners nowadays and am actually happy about what they are announcing, but yesterday’s ruling in PA that Intelligent Design cannot be taught as a science, even if only in the Dover school district, was heartening. The judge’s accusation that efforts by the defendants to claim that intelligent design and creationism are entirely separate things were flat lies was also entertaining. It occured to me today, as I was thinking about this ruling, that I could imagine, in an alternate reality where schools actually decided that these computer … Continue reading Intelligent Design bad for CS too

Window on AI

The hot place to be on the web this week is the AAAI-05 Blog being maintained by students at this year’s national conference on artificial intelligence. Full of deep thoughts and robot pictures and speaker controversy and bitching about the beds at the nearby college dorms. Slap a nametag on your shirt and it’s just like being there! Seriously, I am having a good time at the conference, and it’s jump starting some ideas I had floating around in my brain that got pushed to the side by classes. It’s also nice to see some old friends from grad school, … Continue reading Window on AI