No Boom Yet

I had a few students express relief yesterday that the world did not end. Being the kill joy that I always am, I pointed out something that the media coverage did not seem to focus on – the risk of the world ending was only supposed to come when they started colliding particles at near-light speeds, which isn’t scheduled to happen for a few weeks still. So, if you are inclined that way, keep your panic hats on…
For those interested in knowing a little more about the collider without jumping headfirst into the CERN documentation, I’d recommend checking out this week’s PHD Comics: Tales from the Road about visiting CERN. And if you are one of my students thinking about applying to grad school, you might want to click through the archives for a snapshot of grad school life.

4 thoughts on “No Boom Yet

  1. Contrary to popular professors’ beliefs the world will not end due to the Large Hadron Collider. I think we should be worried about the incursion of the common grey squirrel. Everyone knows those furry bastards are plotting something…but no one wants to talk about that.

  2. Don’t be naive – everybody knows that the squirrels are behind the LHC. No mere human physics could come up with such a diabolical machine….

  3. This proves they are already in control!!! The squirrels may know the science but they lack the opposable thumbs to build LHC. THEREFORE THEY MUST BE ABLE TO CONTROL HUMANS!!! Thus I have come to the realization that John McCain does not represent the Republican Party. He is actually a symbol of the Grey Squirrel Apocalypse party. Which makes me wonder why isn’t running as an independent?

  4. The conspiracy is deeper than you think! Obviously the squirrels will not let their entire master plan hinge on the fate of one human. Obama is the human mouthpiece for the Global Destruction Grey Squirrel Force. The squirrels have invaded the minds of almost all of our leading politicians! (Kucinich has been spared with assistance from our space alien allies…)
    I just live in fear of the day that the grey squirrels overcome the years of hostility and ultimately join forces with the chipmunks…

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