Start your needles….

I am very excited, because tomorrow I’m taking part in my first Sock Wars! It’s a single-elimination tournament where you assassinate your target by knitting and sending them a pair of socks before your assassin sends a pair to you. The sock pattern and target dossiers are being sent out tomorrow. I’m not the fastest knitter in the world and with it coming into finals, I’ll be pretty happy if I make it into the second round on my first time out. I went out and got my yarn and checked my gauge yesterday. I’m using this Sockotta yarn from Plymouth. I like knitting in the cotton/wool blend and I went with color pattern 6670 (one of the fair isle effect color patterns), which I think will knit up into pretty, bright spring socks. I’ll probably come back and post on my progress in the comments….

3 thoughts on “Start your needles….

  1. That is one of the funniest things I have ever read about and yet I am so intrigued. Keep me posted on the battle!

  2. Sadly, I fell out of the battle last week. I was within about 25 rows of finishing my second sock when I received a pair in the mail. So now I’m just keeping an eye on the battle from the sidelines to see who wins. And, I have a fun new pair of socks!

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