Summer? Yes, please!

The vagarities of life have made me fall very far behind in my websurfing and weblogging, but here are a few things that I have been enjoying as I have been catching up on my RSS feeds: The Pre-Ninja Program – a proposal for a new academic track by a community college administrator Writers Against Piracy – the Improv Everywhere people take on your local public library Girls watching Sneezing Baby Panda – it’s just layers on top of layers of adorable (here is the sneezing panda video the girls are watching) I have no need for a 1470 piece … Continue reading Summer? Yes, please!

Start your needles….

I am very excited, because tomorrow I’m taking part in my first Sock Wars! It’s a single-elimination tournament where you assassinate your target by knitting and sending them a pair of socks before your assassin sends a pair to you. The sock pattern and target dossiers are being sent out tomorrow. I’m not the fastest knitter in the world and with it coming into finals, I’ll be pretty happy if I make it into the second round on my first time out. I went out and got my yarn and checked my gauge yesterday. I’m using this Sockotta yarn from … Continue reading Start your needles….