Stuff I want to make…

You can buy these adorable Tetris Magnets, but they also look pretty trivial to make for yourself if you’ve even done plastic canvas work. I also think this Tie Top Tank looks incredibly cute and simple. I just need to finish off the one or two projects I already have underway before I can justify starting anything new…..
I’m also tempted to pull out one of the smaller patterns I’ve worked up on my own and submit it to the Knit Pattern of the Day or Crochet Pattern of the Day calendar. But it is interesting to note that they don’t pay for the patterns. The primary incentive (besides a free calendar and being entered in a prize raffle) is that you can include a URL on your calendar page if your pattern is accepted. So, really, these calendars are advertisement vehicles – something I’d never really thought of when I’ve seen them in the stores.

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