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It’s the first day of the semester for me, tackling a new class which I am both insanely excited about and having the requisite new-class jitters over. One of the things I love about my school is having the opportunity to totally obsess about just one course for a month – I’ve been lucky and always been able to teach something I was interested in obsessing about for a whole month, which I suspect makes all the difference.
But, I’m pretty scatter-brained this morning because of that, so today I’ll just bring you a smattering of random fun stuff – call it the weblog version of the traditionally hodge-podgy first lecture of a class.
It’s been everywhere, but if you didn’t hear, Wired labels Pittsburgh one of the top 10 tech towns, largely because of the presence of CMU but acknowledging the real growing tech industry around here. And our high complement of comic book stores…
I’m not usually a fan of puns, but User Friendly makes a math pun today that just kills me.
While such statements are usually exaggerations, it is quite possible that Digg got it right in labeling the play in this video the worst play in hockey ever.
I suspect there are two distinct groups of people: those who are unwarrentedly geeked about there being a new, and wonderfully horrible looking, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie coming out this spring and those who think it is the final nail in the coffin of our film industry. It is possible that both groups are right.

6 thoughts on “Back to school

  1. Stemming from the XKCD comic about YouTube…
    I had chosen to click the link to watch the “worst play ever,” and then realized that XKCD is absolutely right.
    It’s like all the idiots got together and decided that after they were done complaining about their own lives on their LiveJournal, they were going to flame each other on YouTube.
    -10 dignity for flaming each other on YouTube.
    -5 asinine because seriously, get a life already?
    -5 intelligence, as I am now dumber for each YouTube comment I read
    +1 karma as inevitably something idiotic the commenters do in real life (that will more than likely result in some form of brain damage and/or dismemberment) will wind up on YouTube for my sheer amusement value.

  2. Dude, seriously….You can’t hate on the new TMNT movie like that. While it doesn’t look anything like what I remember from my childhood, that doesn’t necessarily make it horrible…right? I mean, it’s still TMNT! Stop slandering the turtles…

  3. I’m not hating on TMNT – I said it was wonderfully horrible looking! It’s going to be a huge nostalgia fest, no matter what.
    And, it even reminds me of another awesome xkcd from a few weeks ago about the turtles….

  4. That math pun was completely awesome. I linked it to a poly-sci major, and she gave it a smiley with THREE mouths — so you KNOW it’s good!
    And hey, I thought those TMNT pics looked pretty cool…

  5. Again – I’m *not* hating on TMNT! But you can’t seriously watch the trailer and tell me it’s going to be a high quality film. Which is not to say it won’t be fun – I’ll guess it’s probably worth a smiley with about two and a half mouths from a mechanical engineering major…. ;)

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