Everybody’s favorite post!

It’s that magical time when I geek out about the latest Knitty, this time the Winter 2006 issue. There are a few socks, which is great (Monkey is a cute pattern, and the model is wearing totally cute shoes), and the felted brown bag is awesome. But, the prize has to be Binary, which I will definitely make, and in which the pattern of 1s and 0s will definitely not be random….

2 thoughts on “Everybody’s favorite post!

  1. While that scarf in binary is pretty sweet, I think I’d opt for a nice hat with 1’s and 0’s on it. I’d wear that proudly.

  2. That would be cool, but one would need to decide how to place the digits without having too much skew. Perhaps a black hat with the digits just on the bottom edge – maybe with a fold-up brim and then the top is just fitted…..
    The important question with the scarf, or the hat, is – what message do you encode in the binary? Suggestions?

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