Finally, a good use for a Mac

In one of the cutest hacks I’ve seen in a while, someone uses the Powerbook motion sensor to power a software marionette [via MAKE: Blog]. The applet code is included – it draws on a library for accessing the Sudden Motion Sensor, but there are links provided to a couple of such libraries, if you are interested in trying this hack out for yourself. At the least, go check out the great videos of the marionette in action.

6 thoughts on “Finally, a good use for a Mac

  1. “Finally, a good use for a Mac”??????
    Macs are superior to PCs in every way. This headline implies you think the exact opposite.
    My opinion of you has taken a nose-dive. :-(

  2. I don’t have a problem with Macs, but I don’t agree that they are categorically better than any other type of machine, and get a little tired of the suggestion that one is a fool to use a PC. PCs are still cheaper, which is a real consideration for many. They have a larger market share, making a wider range of software available. And, it is easier to get third party support for PCs than Macs. I always use a laptop, and will not buy a Mac laptop until they come with a “two-button” trackpad.
    So, sure, my title is an overstatement. It was meant that way, because the overstatement that I tend to hear is that Macs are perfection and PCs are crap. Which is just as clearly bunk as my title was.

  3. I’ve clearly hit upon a sore spot for you.
    Have I said PCs are crap? Have I said you are a fool for using a PC?
    If I say beer is superior to wine, does that mean wine is crap and wine drinkers are fools? No. If I say a Lexus is superior to a Honda, does that mean Hondas are crap? No.
    It’s all a matter of degrees. And matter of one’s own perspective and experience.
    From my own perspective and experience, Macs are superior and I’d much rather use a Mac than a PC. That doesn’t mean I think PCs are on some opposite extreme of some imaginary scale compared to Macs.
    I don’t use much software, so the amount and selection of available software is irrellevant to me. I understand that that is important to a section of the public, but it isn’t to me.
    And I’m glad the PCs are becoming less expensive all the time. Affordability of computers is an important issue. Computers are an important element in our modern world and the more people who can afford to own them the better.
    But to return to my Lexus/Honda example, it is not surprising that the better car costs more money.

  4. I think I probably overreacted to your original comment because I take a fair bit of ribbing for using a PC. It is a common occurence for me to be challenged that a Mac *is* catagorically better than a PC, so I probably tend to see such comments in that light.
    I agree, they are both tools, and are useful in different ways to different people.
    And I clearly need to get more sleep before I reply to weblog comments in the future….

  5. Aw – no problem.
    It reminds me of my old usenet days – 10 months out of a year the groups I hung out on would be totally normal. But November and April (especially April!) everyone would take *everything* the wrong way.
    If only Amigas were still around – everyone could always agree to hate on Amigas ;)

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