It’s amazing how the last day of classes feels like a Friday, regardless of what day of the week it falls on, and how many appointments I have scheduled for the following day. I think it’s the general campus vibe that does it.
In that vein, I thought I’d do a random link collection – fodder for some late night study breaks.
First up, a student showed us this face locator tool from the Pittsburgh Pattern Recognition company during a class presentation today, and it is very cool. It works wonderfully with group photos even, though we found that it doesn’t find faces well when they’re hidden inside football helmets. Hint: use Google image search to find on-line images with faces (or without) and then give them to the tool. I tried it with this image and got some pretty interesting results.
The “critique” of at is cracking me up, with its observations on the rigorous scientific methods being used to match people with each other.
The new weblog Vidiotbox is presenting a viral video of the day with commentary and has been amusing me.
I’ve also been reading the Girl Genius comic series, which has been published in book form but is also available from the start of the story on-line. Victorian evil geniuses with crazy robots rule!