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A faithful reader mailed me the photo below last night, demonstrating the perfect merging of Pittsburgh’s fanaticism about the Steelers and Pittsburgh’s utter lack of interest in helping people get around the city who do not already know what they are doing. Be assured, this is not an off-duty bus, and the over-door route number signs have been replaced with the same message. I’m not sure if this exceeds the insanity of Washington, er, that is, Steeler, PA (damn – was I supposed to change my business cards?). Flipping channels last night, an advertisement showing that a local channel’s entire news team has relocated to Detriot for the week was followed by a story opening with the solumn statement “Ben Rothlesberger likes milk.” Frankly, it seems that the entire region has shut down for the weekend; I’m a bit frightened to see what my class turnout looks like Monday morning….

2 thoughts on “Local Color

  1. I think its getting out of hand too. I’m not very religious; however, I still believe that a church on Park Avenue has taken their sign too far by writing:
    “Go Steelers!

  2. Finding your way around Western Pennsylvania is difficult enough without bus signs being removed. What a menace!
    I, too, was APPALLED to see that KDKA’s anchors were relocated to Detroit. Hello? Could we possibly become concerned about something IMPORTANT? Poverty? Homelessness? Casinos preparing to invade us and prey on the poor and stupid among us?
    However, Steve, I rather ENJOYED the church’s sign quoting god. I love the idea of god being treated with appropriate frivolity! “Go Heretics!”

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