Magnetic Mischief

magentic credit card To all appearances, the “credit card” to the left might appear to be your run of the mill fake card that companies put in their mailings all the time. But American Express has reached new lows – what you are seeing there is not just a phony card, but it is in fact a magnet designed to look like a credit card. One wonders what marketing genius decided to promote their product with exactly the item that destroys their product. Or perhaps they’re hoping for a little industrial sabotage against their competitors already in your wallet….

One thought on “Magnetic Mischief

  1. As a fan of money clips, I’ve also been amused by the fact that some of the new ones use two magnets instead of the tension of a clip. I’ve found this outrageous in the same way as these magnet, since I keep my money clip in the same pocket with my wallet holding my credit cards. Brilliant move! NOT!

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