RFID and Privacy

I realized this afternoon I needed to read up on RFID technology. The RFID Journal’s FAQ is a good starting place, though privacy concerns didn’t make the list. In fact, if you check the RFID Journal’s Security topic section, you’ll see that it only talks about using RFID to secure your merchandise (or children) and to prevent terrorism. No talk of securing the RFID signal against undesired snooping. And if that doesn’t bother you, how about the fact that Walmart is going to require its suppliers to RFID tag all of their pallets by January 1, 2005. This Time article … Continue reading RFID and Privacy

Local Voting

Obviously, voting is broken everywhere. Our neighbors in Ohio are getting most of the attention for their 10 hour lines, but things are pretty broken here in Pennsylvania as well, mostly in the form of polling places running out of provisional ballots early in the day and turning people away. Watching the news just now, I learned that while Pennsylvania was 80 degrees during much of the day ysterday, north Texas was hit with snow. I’m too tired to carefully craft my quip about hell freezing over.